How healthy is my daily diet?

How healthy is my daily diet?
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- 1 bread roll (50 grams) spread with +
- peanut butter (50 grams)

- instant noodles (129 grams) +
- 6 fish balls (75 grams) +
Noodles and fish balls cooked in 400 ml boiled water

Evening meal:
- 2 Vietnamese pancakes chicken curry (320 grams)
Heated in microwave

- 1 mango drink (240 ml) +
- 1 coconut water with pink guava (500 ml) +
- 2 mango (200 grams, peeled and cut)
- pringles chips (50 grams) +
- 1 nut bar (40 grams)

The table "nutritional values PER 100G/100ML" DOES NOT TELL how healthy my breakfast, lunch and dinner are together.
This is ONLY possible when these nutritional values and the eaten portion size are entered into the 7-points nutritional profile app.

7-points nutritional profile shows at a glance how healthy or unhealthy your daily diet is.

7-points nutritional profile of your daily diet of 2641 kcal looks like: 

43.70   En% fat
16.23   En% saturated fat
45.41   En% carbohydrates
17.18   En% sugar
0.53     grams fiber per 100 kcal
9.82     En% protein
0.35     grams salt per 100 kcal

Your daily diet contains too much fat, too much saturated fat, too low fiber and too much salt and therefore, your daiily diet is UNHEALTHY!

Next day, you have to make a correction for the fat, saturated fat, fiber and salt content in daily diet!