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13/09/2015-7 mg of vitamin E Daily through feeding reduces age-related cataracts

10/09/2015-100 mg cholesterol per day increases pancreatic cancer

08/09/2015-daily 10 mg of iron through feeding increases Parkinson's disease among Europeans

07/09/2015-folic acid during pregnancy reduces possible congenital heart defects

06/09/2015-Pasta with sardines and olives for 4 people

05/09/2015-Carotenoids reduce possible through feeding head and neck cancer

01/09/2015-fried products may increase prostate cancer

29/08/2015-vitamin E through feeding lowers lung cancer

27/08/2015-580 mg DHA Daily or 1 grams of DHA and EPA improves memory of older people

26/08/2015-60 grams of fish per day reduces all-cause mortalieit

24/08/2015-150 mg vitamin C Daily through feeding lowers prostate cancer

23/08/2015-vegetarian Mexican tortilla for 4 people

18/08/2015-women with gestational diabetes have less selenium in the body

15/08/2015-garlic supplements reduce blood pressure

15/08/2015-200 g of vegetables per day reduces bladder cancer

10/08/2015-vegetarian diet leads to weight loss

07/08/2015-a low vitamin B12 levels increases age-related macular degeneration

04/08/2015-100 grams of fish per week reduces liver cancer

02/08/2015-a lot of folic acid, vitamin D, B6 and B2 through feeding lowers colon cancer

25/07/2015-A zinc deficiency leads to heart infarction

20/07/2015-keeps Vifit Strawberry-red berry with extra protein to maintain your muscle mass?

18/12/2014-Spaghetti with Saint-Jacob shells for 4 people

07/12/2014-The 7-run profile has been updated to 1180 groceries from the supermarket

05/12/2014-Fish lowers stomach cancer

01/12/2014-daily 1 portion of fruit lowers diabetes type 2

30/11/2014-10 grams of fiber a day reduces death from heart disease

24/11/2014-noodles with meatballs for 4 people

22/11/2014-eating polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces Parkinson's disease

17/11/2014-fruits and vegetables reduce bladder cancer

15/11/2014-garlic and onions probably reduce stomach cancer

10/11/2014-Hachee with mashed potatoes for 4 people

08/11/2014-zinc through feeding lowers colon cancer

04/11/2014-1-5 portions of fruit and veg per day reduces death from heart disease

05/10/2014-Risotto with spinach and pine nuts for 4 people

28/09/2014-The 7-run profile has been updated to 1170 groceries from the supermarket

26/09/2014-eating lots of fish lowers possible lung cancer

17/09/2014-vitamin D supplements lowers not diabetes type 2

13/09/2014-overweight people lose with a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet after 6 months 8-9 kg

07/09/2014-100 grams of magnesium through feeding lowers the metabolic syndrome

06/09/2014-Bulgur with shrimp for 4 people

03/09/2014-daily 100 g of vegetables reduces liver cancer

02/09/2014-a low-fat diet increases the survival rates of borskankerpatiënten

30/08/2014-5 mg folic acid per day for a minimum of 4 weeks reduces homocysteine levels of patients with coronary heart disease

28/08/2014-stew with sausage and beans for 4 people

24/08/2014-10 grams of fiber a day lowers total mortality

23/08/2014-Lycopene reduces stroke among men

21/08/2014-Overweight during pregnancy increases asthma in childhood

19/08/2014-The metabolic syndrome increases uterine cancer

14/08/2014-the text "nothing artificial" Holy soda is misleading!

12/08/2014-at least 200 grams of fruit per day lowers diabetes type 2

10/08/2014-potato stew with spinach and hazelnuts for 4 people

09/08/2014-the Excel sheet has been updated to 1125 products

05/08/2014-330 ml soft drinks Daily increases diabetes type 2

02/08/2014-rice with Thai chicken curry for 4 people

31/07/2014-100 grams of red meat a day increases the risk of dying from heart disease

24/07/2014-information about the metabolic syndrome has been added!

22/07/2014-a high red and processed meats increase consumption probably obesity

17/07/2014-eating lots of legumes lowers colorectal adenoma

15/07/2014 – why should consumers be "to support muscle building" on Breaker high protein?

12/07/2014-100 grams of red meat per day increases stomach cancer

08/07/2014-Quinoa with feta and pine nuts for 4 people

06/07/2014-Magnesium through feeding lowers cancer among women

01/07/2014-Why is the product Quinoa super healthy!

30/06/2014-consumption of fish or fish oil lowers the weight, BMI, body fat and waist circumference

26/06/2014-pastasalade Mackerel with green beans and eggs for 4 people

24/06/2014-50 grams of poultry per day lowers colon cancer

24/06/2014-a high sugar intake increases blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels

23/06/2014-Information about meat is added!

19/06/2014-a diet high in vitamin A or carotenoids reduces probably bladder cancer

17/06/2014-green tea lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

15/06/2014-Why is concentrated black carrot juice in the Oikos of Danone yogurt?

12/06/2014-a large waist circumference increases mortality, even at a normal BMI

09/06/2014-A high sodium intake increases the chances of dying from heart disease

08/06/2014-oatmeal lowers the sober insulin levels

06/06/2014-since today is the information on this website can also be found in the book "the 7-run profile"

31/05/2014-physical activities decrease bladder cancer among women

26/05/2014-a reduced risk of mortality to 40 g of alcohol per day but an increased risk among men above 40 g

25/05/2014-eating mushrooms lowers breast cancer

23/05/2014-moderate alcohol consumption improves insulin sensitivity in women

20/05/2014-Why are the words "super fruit" and "chock full of vitamin C" of misleading Coolbest & blackcurrant Burr?

17/05/2014-Calcium intake to above 1000 mg per day lowers colon cancer

08/05/2014-a power supply with much potassium lowers stroke

06/05/2014-Beer lowers Parkinson's disease among men

04/05/2014-olive oil lowers stroke

01/05/2014-why is 30% less sugar on Pepsi next?

30/04/2014-153 and 400 micrograms of folic acid per day through feeding lowers breast cancer

29/04/2014-more than 2 grams of EPA and DHA per day lowers blood pressure

26/04/2014-a high intake of suikergezoete fruit juice increases diabetes type 2

24/04/2014-130 grams legumes a day lowers LDL-cholesterol levels

15/04/2014-Spinach dish with egg and cheese for 4 people

10/04/2014-rice with kipteriyaki for 4 persons

08/04/2014-a high vitamin E-blood value lowers prostate cancer

03/04/2014-10 grams of carrots per day probably lowers prostate cancer

01/04/2014-why are fiber, vitamin C and maltitol syrup in Yakult plus?

27/03/2014-Spaghetti with spinach and Smoked Bacon strips for 4 people

23/03/2014-what will my daily diet (= the average of all daily eaten products) look like when I want to lose weight?

18/03/2014-Risotto with shrimp and salmon for 4 people

17/03/2014-vitamin D levels above 75 nmol/L improves the survival of patients with colon cancer as breast cancer

16/03/2014-100 mg vitamin C through feeding reduces death from breast cancer

12/03/2014-2-5 eggs per week increases breast cancer

10/03/2014-Vegetarian bean stew for 4 people

07/03/2014-information about homocysteine has been added

06/03/2014-a vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure

05/03/2014-White Bean Salad with tuna for 4 people

04/03/2014-fruits and vegetables reduce pancreatic diseases

26/02/2014-how many E numbers Vibovit iron in multivitamins + sit?

25/02/2014-a high plasma homocysteine levels increases probably abdominal aortic aneurysm

16/02/2014-swallowing vitamins and minerals not lowers mortality

14/02/2014-eating folic acid lowers both esophageal cancer pancreatic cancer

12/02/2014-300 mg of caffeine per day lowers atrial fibrillation

11/02/2014-no link between alcohol and multiple myeloma

09/02/2014-information about dietary supplements has been added

06/02/2014-2000 mg vitamin B3 supplement lowers heart disease

04/02/2014-eating flavonoids lowers heart disease

03/02/2014-green tea lowers blood pressure and LDL-cholesterol levels

31/01/2014-zinc supplements reduce fasting blood sugar

29/01/2014-1-6 cups of coffee a day reduce diabetes type 2 

25/01/2014-a non-linear dose-dependent relationship between cigarette smoking and pancreatic cancer

24/01/2014-at least 25 grams of fiber a day lowers diabetes type 2

21/01/2014-many green tea lowers oral cancer

20/01/2014-Overweight increases musculoskeletal pain and getting injuries and fractures in children

12/01/2014-Krieljes with roasted Brussels sprouts and pecans for 4 people

07/01/2014-Is omega 3 bread spread of AH really good for the heart?

06/01/2014-a coronary artery calcium score above 10 increases heart disease among patients with diabetes type 2

04/01/2014-3 cups of coffee a day reduce fatal prostate cancer

02/01/2014-which products from the supermarket should I eat when I want to lose weight?

20/12/2013-a vitamin D blood value is less than 50 nmol/L during pregnancy increases preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, a premature birth and SGA baby

20/12/2013-L-arginine supplements reduce blood pressure during pregnancy

18/12/2013-Argentine empanada for 4 people

17/12/2013-eating 100 mg of EPA and DHA per day lowers breast cancer

17/12/2013-do I have to lose weight when I weigh 74 kg and 1.65 m long have?

16/12/2013-eating lots of vitamin C and beta-carteen lowers colon adenoma

15/12/2013-a high physical activity level lowers possible asthma

12/12/2013-legumes may lower colon adenoma

11/12/2013-rice vermicelli with spring rolls and shrimp for 4 people

10/12/2013-how healthy is Lays POPS 100% taste, 50% less fat?

08/12/2013-5 mg of zinc per day through feeding lowers colon cancer

07/12/2013-consumption of fish reduces asthma in children

05/12/2013-A high vitamin D blood value lowers blood pressure

04/11/2013-Why is the word "guarana" in Good Energy raspberry misleading?

03/12/2013-The product list is updated to 945 products from the supermarket

27/11/2013-chicken legs with Kohlrabi puree for 4 people

26/11/2013-information on breast cancer has been added

25/11/2013-3 to 5 cups of coffee a day lowers heart disease non-linear

24/11/2013-400-800 mcg of folic acid per day lowers stroke

23/11/2013-Calcium supplements raise a cardiac infarct

20/11/2013-Macaroni-bean soup with tuna for 4 people

19/11/2013-why is Nuggets with lupine of Vivera healthy?

18/11/2013-240 mg magnesium supplements per day lowers systolic blood pressure

16/11/2013-information about dietary fiber is added

15/11/2013-information about stroke is added

13/11/2013-Couscous with chicken burgers and vegetables for 4 people

12/11/2013-1.5 grams of alpha-linolenic acid per day lowers light prostate cancer

07/11/2013-Spicy bulgur with shrimp for 4 people

06/11/2013-the information of soy has been added

04/11/2013-A high vegetable fat intake lowers type 2 diabetes in women

04/11/2013-how healthy is healthy Chef's select sandwich anyway?

01/11/2013-Aubergine-chopped quiche for 4 people

30/10/2013-how unique is Pronutra + of Nutricia anyway?

29/10/2013-does my daily diet to the guidelines of the Nutrition Center?

28/10/2013-older adults with dementia benefit from a full nutritional drink

26/10/2013-I eat healthy?

25/10/2013-Daily 50 mg magnesium through feeding lowers the fasting glucose and insulin levels

24/10/2013-how healthy is the Choco moment of Duke ice cream?

23/10/2010-what does these words on Arla sense! Mango anyway?

22/10/2013-Many flavonoids through feeding lowers diabetes type 2

21/10/2013-Rice with tofu, Bok Choy, mango and grapefruit for 4 people

18/10/2013-information on coffee and tea is added

15/10/2013-how much fat is in 0% fat Breaker Strawberry yogurt light?

12/10/2012-info on colon cancer has been added

11/10/2013-a lot of alpha-linolenic acid reduces possible heart disease through nutrition

11/10/2013-information on alcohol has been added

09/10/2013-Allium vegetables may reduce prostate cancer

08/10/2013-info on Allium vegetables is added

06/10/2013-Pumpkin-bean soup for 4 people

05/10/2013-162 grams legumes a day lowers blood pressure

04/10/2013-linoleic acid via diet lowers coronary heart disease

03/10/2013-information about high blood pressure has been added

02/10/2013-fish at least once a week lowers heart failure

01/10/2013-Bleekselderijstampot with Bacon for 4 people

26/09/2013-how many E numbers sit in Rivella?

25/09/2013-A high vitamin B6-blood value lowers colon cancer

24/09/2013-2-4 times a week reduces fish die from heart disease

18/09/2013-Tuna-spinach Lasagna for 4 people

17/09/2013-minimum 20 grams of Allium vegetables per day lowers stomach cancer

16/09/2013-garlic supplements reduce cholesterol levels for 2 months in people with high cholesterol

14/09/2013-soy supplements reduce weight in people who are overweight

13/09/2013-El Mondo now also has a Spanish version

13/09/2013-330 ml milk Daily reduces bone loss

12/09/2013-Daily 100 grams of fructose or more increases both LDL-cholesterol the triglycerides-as the

12/09/2013-how healthy is the diet of Dr. Frank?

11/09/2013-no association between eating α-linolenic acid and prostate cancer

10/09/2013-a high blood level of vitamin D lowers diabetes type 2

10/09/2013-why is sugar free from Klene misleading?

08/09/2013-250 mcg chromium supplements lowers the blood sugar level of sober type 2 diabetics

05/09/2013-Macaroni with smoked salmon, carrot and Brazil nuts for 4 people 

04/09/2013-not vitamin D supplements reduce breast cancer among postmenopausal women

03/09/2013-does my daily diet though to the guidelines of the Nutrition Center?

02/09/2013-folic acid supplements may reduce stroke

02/09/2013-13 grams of soy protein increases chances of survival under borskankerpatiënten

30/08/2013-folic acid supplements reduce cancer Melanoma (skin cancer)

30/08/2013-100 micrograms of folic acid through feeding lowers pancreatic cancer

29/08/2013-the cheese Is really good for your cholesterol variant KEES?

28/08/2013-Am I overweight? If so, how many kilos will I have to lose weight and what products should I eat?

28/08/2013-relieve possible Lycopeensupplementen oxidative stress

27/08/2013-Selenium supplements reduce mortality among patients with sepsis

26/08/2013-Noodles with Bacon and sugar snap peas for 4 people

22/08/2013-eating flavonoids lowers blood pressure and LDL-cholesterol levels

21/08/2013-500 mg of vitamin C per day complex regional pain syndrome after a major surgery or injury

21/08/2013-which products from the supermarket can I, as a professional athlete the best food?

20/08/2013-What not to tell the manufacturer about Roosvicee Multi vit Stevia?

19/08/2013-vegetables, fruits and beta-carotene lowering kidney cancer

18/08/2013-Beta-cryptoxanthin through feeding lowers lung cancer

18/08/2013-The dietary advice Pregnancy & lactation is adapted

17/08/2013-not Lycopeensupplementen reduce prostate cancer

16/08/2013-high HDL-cholesterol increases a intracerebral hemorrhage

12/08/2013-which products from the supermarket should I choose when I am overweight (Tip: in the table, press Ctrl + End).

10/08/2013-beet juice lowers blood pressure (systolic blood pressure)

08/08/2013-Nuts rice with chicken legs and peppers for 4 people

06/08/2013-a lot of red and processed meats increase esophageal cancer

05/08/2013-a diet high in nuts increases not overweight

04/08/2013-PUFA lowers heart disease

03/08/2013-Is to Optimel yoghurt drink 100% natural really no sugar added?

01/08/2013-A low adiponectinegehalte raises blood pressure

31/07/2013-fish oil supplements may reduce type 2 diabetes

31/07/2013-more research needed on high-protein diet and the prevention of obesity

30/07/2013-why does nothing about taurine in Redbull?

29/07/2013-200 mg of vitamin C per day shortens the duration of a cold

28/07/2013-500-2000 mg of vitamin C lowers possible exercise-induced asthma

27/07/2013-vitamin C has been modified

26/07/2013-500 mg of vitamin C per day lowers cholesterol in people with high cholesterol

25/07/2013-the daily diet is updated between 805 and 835 products from the supermarket

12/07/2013-overweight people benefit from a low GI/GL Diet

11/07/2013-noodles with tofu, broccoli and tomatoes for 4 people

08/07/2013-Citrus lowering breast cancer

05/07/2013-corn salad with Sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts for 1 person 

04/07/2013-A low fat diet lowers cholesterol levels in premenopausal women

03/06/2013-a high BMI and waist-hip ratio increase pancreatic cancer

02/07/2013-Why not on Hero may frozen fruit on a stick "no added sugars" are?

01/07/2013-Daily 927 mg polyphenols lowers blood pressure

30/06/2013-no evidence for tyrosinesupplementen in standard treatment of phenylketonuria

29/06/2013-10 to 66 mg of iron per day during pregnancy increases birth weight

28/06/2013-why is 15% RDA vitamins in Roosvicee Multi vit Strawberry Orange?

27/06/2013-how healthy is mozzarella salad of AH?

26/06/2013-eating almonds reduces possible cholesterol levels

26/06/2013-presenting food groups has been updated

25/06/2013-yellow rice with prawns and peas for 4 people

23/06/2013-200 micrograms of folic acid per day lowers cardiovascular disease

21/06/2013-potatoes with kibbeling on carbon for 4 people

20/06/2013-Calcium through diet lowers stroke among Asians

19/06/2013-100 mg soy-isoflavonensupplementen per day reduces body weight in non-Asian postmenopausal women

18/06/2013-at least 200 mg of magnesium per day lowers heart disease

17/06/2013-how healthy is Céréal candies stevia sweet?

16/06/2013-I eat healthy and how should my diet the next day look like?

13/06/2013-Luteolin, kaempferol and quercetin eating lowers cancer

13/06/2013-5 grams of salt or less per day lowers blood pressure

12/06/2013-Both under-as overweight by the mother has adverse effects on the newborn

11/06/2013-fresh pasta with mozzarella and tomatoes for 4 people

10/06/2013-please take a look at the English version of El Mondo. Click on the icon at the top of the English website

06/06/2013-not Witvlees, fish and poultry lower colon adenoma

05/06/2013-what is really meant by 0% fat on Optimel drinking mango passion fruit?

04/06/2013-no scientific evidence for blood group diet

03/06/2013-I eat healthy?

31/05/2013-Vietnamese phở (rijstnoedelsoep) with chicken and bean sprouts for 4 people

30/05/2013-Flavonolen, flavanols, anthocyanidins and Proanthocyanidins reduce probably colon cancer

29/05/2013-does my daily diet to the guidelines of a healthy diet?

28/05/2013-the metabolic syndrome raises colon cancer

27/05/2013-why is Taksi melkpermeaat in tropical fruits?

24/05/2013-soy products (tofu and miso) lowering breast cancer in women

23/05/2013-Couscous with Zucchini and feta for 4 people

22/05/2013-potassium is adapted

21/05/2013-2.3-3.1 g of potassium per day lowers blood pressure

20/05/2013-why is skim milk powder in Campina calcium plus?

16/05/2013-fiber intake through feeding lowers possible stroke 

15/05/2013-Why is cane sugar to Arla dairy drink sense! added?

14/05/2013-41 gram (vegetable) of protein a day lowers blood pressure 

13/05/2013-Salmon quiche with peppers and eggs for 4 people

10/05/2013-The product list is updated and 790 products from the supermarket

09/05/2013-what should consumers know about the health claims on food packaging and food supplements?

02/05/2013-Iodine deficiency velaagt the IQ of children up to 5 years

29/04/2013-the presentation diet is added

27/04/2013-vitamin B12 has been updated

26/04/2013-Multigrain rice with spinach and pine nuts for 4 people

24/04/2013-3.25 grams EPA and DHA lowers triglyceride levels in hyperlipidemische patients

22/04/2013-why is it in 100 ml fruit grape Appelsientje 15.7 grams sugars?

19/04/2013-how healthy is coconut water pineapple by Hero anyway?

18/04/2013-a GI Diet of 58 increases diabetes type 2 and breast cancer

17/03/2013-whole grain cereal products reduce heart disease

16/03/2013-cruciferous vegetables lower lung cancer

15/04/2013-strength training has been updated

12/04/2013-Campina lactose free milk Is a marketing stunt or helps it really work?

11/04/2013-vegetarian diet lowers triglyceride levels possible

10/04/2013-Vietnamese sour pineapple soup with shrimp for 4 people

09/04/2013-may reduce blood sugar levels in legumes people with or without diabetes

08/04/2013-vitamin D is updated

08/04/2013-vitamins has been updated

07/04/2013-what is 0% fat by Yoki really in?

05/04/2013-A High folate intake lowers colon cancer

05/04/2013-I want to know what products of AH And% fat and less than 35 And 10% saturated fat

04/04/2013-Mexican chili con carne for 4 people

03/04/2013-fiber intake through feeding lowers possible stroke 

02/04/2013-Mag Peijnenburg breakfast cake every day?

01/04/2013-12 weeks or more green tea lowers blood sugar levels the sober

29/03/2013-200-270 mg of magnesium per day lowers colon cancer

28/03/2013-losing weight is updated

27/03/2013-Probiotics-use up to 3 months lowers the chance of colds

26/03/2013-sports nutrition is adapted

26/03/2013-Each kg weight gain increases heart disease in women and in men with 3.1% 5.7%

25/03/2013-the presentation magnesium has been updated

24/03/2013-saturated fat replaced by polyunsaturated fat lowers heart disease

24/03/2013-the daily healthy diet is adjusted

23/03/2013-The produtenlijst has been updated to 765 products

22/03/2013-losing weight is added

21/03/2013-why is in tortilla chips much salt?

20/03/2013-The daily healthy diet is added

20/03/2013-150 to 400 mg of magnesium per day lowers heart disease

19/03/2013-Pasta in tomato soup for 4 people

18/03/2013-vitamin C has been updated

18/03/2013-What is internationally seen a healthy diet?

17/03/2013-how healthy is updated each food

16/03/2013-Propionyl-L-carnitine improves the walking distance from patients with showcase leg

15/03/2013-salad of cherry tomatoes with pine nuts and Trout Fillet for 1 person

14/03/2013-black tea reduces bladder cancer among women

14/03/2013-the presentation carotenoids has been updated

13/03/2013-Chocomel light Is really healthier than Chocolate half full?

12/03/2013-fruits and vegetables may reduce esophageal cancer

11/03/2013-Nutritional advice on diabetes has been added

11/03/2013-What is legal on a pack of sugar?

10/03/2013-the study design has been updated

10/03/2013-a high homocysteine levels increases possible fractures in the elderly

09/03/2013-not Viseten reduces esophageal cancer

08/03/2013-600-900 mg of garlic supplements per day lowers blood pressure

06/03/2013-Brown rice with cashew nuts and celery for 4 people

04/03/2013-Antioxidants supplements do not reduce heart disease

03/03/2013-red meat does not increase prostate cancer

03/03/2013-soy isoflavones reduce blood pressure by people with high blood pressure

02/03/2013-1 g of potassium per day lowers stroke by 11%

02/03/2013-green tea lowers the bad cholesterol

01/03/2-13-soy protein lowers cholesterol

01/03/2013-how healthy is tiramisu of Albert Heijn?

28/02/2013-Alcohol increases not brain cancer

27/02/2013-EPA & DHA has been updated

26/02/2-13-people with diabetes benefit from a low-carbohydrate-, protein-, Mediterranean or a low GI Diet

25/02/2013-Vietnamese noodle soup (bánh canh) with mackerel, onion and tomatoes for 1 person

24/02/2013-200 grams of raw tomatoes per day lowers prostate cancer

23/02/2013-6 cloves of garlic per week reduces possible colon cancer and stomach cancer

22/02/2013-Heme iron increases diabetes type 2

21/02/2013-Chinese noodles with smoked sausage, pepper and onion for 4 people

20/02/2013-More than 95 grams of sugars per 2000 kcal raises diabetes type 2

19/02/2013-how healthy is smoking uiloop egg salad without mayonnaise by Johma? 

18/02/2013-fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of colon cancer

17/02/2013-a lot of heme-iron increases colon cancer

16/02/2013-why is Health people cranberry light a misleading name?

15/02/2013-reduce breast cancer in postmenopausal women Flavonolen and flavones

14/02/2013-vitamin C has been updated

13/02/2013-The product list is updated with the energy rates and 730 products

12/02/2013-Salt increases the chance of getting stomach cancer

11/02/2013-potatoes with pork chops and broccoli for 4 people