10 gram vezels per dag verlaagt totale mortaliteit

Research Question:
A large intake of dietary fiber was associated with a low risk of getting various chronic diseases. Some observational studies have examined the relationship between fiber consumption and total mortality, but the results were inconclusive. It was therefore carried out this review article.

A high fiber intake lowers the total mortality (= death to all causes)?

Study Design:
This overview article contained 7 prospective cohort studies 908135 62314 deaths among participants.

Results and conclusions:
The researchers found that eating lots of fiber compared to little, the risk of total mortality significantly with 23% [pooled adjusted RR = 0.77, 95% CI = 0.74-0.80] reduced. Significant is, there is a link at a 95% reliability.

The researchers found that eating 10 grams of fiber per day, the risk of total mortality significantly with 11% [pooled adjusted RR = 0.89, 95% CI = 0.85-0.92] reduced.

The researchers found in the subgroup analyses that eating cereal fibers but to a lesser extent vegetable fibers reduced the risk of total mortality. However, the reduced risk was not found for fruit fibers.

The researchers concluded that eating plenty of fiber, especially grain and vegetable fibers reduced the total mortality.

Original title:
Dietary Fiber Intake and Total Mortality: A Meta-Analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies by Kim Y and your Y.


Additional information about El Mondo:
A daily diet with plenty of fiber is a power supply with a minimum of 1.5 grams of fiber per 100 kcal (and 20-30% fat, And whose 0-7 and% saturated fat). Which products from the supermarket 1.5 grams of fiber per 100 kcal, you can look up here.

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