50 gram gevogelte per dag verlaagt dikke darmkanker

Research Question:
The consumption of poultry is associated with the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer in epidemiological studies. However, this connection was inconsistent. It was therefore carried out this review article.

Poultry consumption lowers the chances of getting colon cancer?

Study Design:
This overview article contained 16 studies on colon cancer incidence and 4 studies on colon cancer mortality with 13949 people with colon cancer and a total of 983 people who had gone to colon cancer death.

Results and conclusions:
The researchers found that each 50 gram poultry per day the chances of getting colon cancer significantly with 11% [95% CI = 0.81-0.97] reduced.

The researchers found that each 50 gram poultry per day die to the chance of colon cancer non-significant with 3% [95% CI = 0.79-1.20] reduced.

The researchers concluded that eating poultry the chance of getting colon cancer reduced the risk of death, but not go to colon cancer.

Original title:
Dose – response meta-analysis or poultry intake and colorectal cancer incidence and mortality by Shi Y, Yu PW and Zeng DZ.


Additional information about El Mondo:
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