Geen verband tussen hoge foliumzuurinname en borstkanker

Research Question:
An increased intake of folic acid may be helpful in deficits among the population. However, in women with no extra benefits this provides enough folic acid on it can itself at risk of getting certain kinds of cancer. It was therefore carried out this review article.

The intake of folic acid increases the risk of getting breast cancer in women?

Study Design:
This overview article contained 14 case-control studies, cohort studies, 15 7 nested case-control studies, 2 Rcts and 2 meta-analyses.

Results and conclusions:
This overzichtartikel does not support the hypothesis that a higher intake of folic acid reduces the risk of breast cancer. However, some studies show a higher risk of getting breast cancer see, in the populations are exposed to a high folate intake after enriching foods with folic acid, especially when folic acid is used.

This overview article supports the need to be careful to expose women to a high intake of folic acid, especially in countries with mandatory folic acid fortification.

Original title:
Folatos y riesgo de cáncer de mama: revisión sistemática y Castillo C, Uauy R Tur YES por.


Additional information about El Mondo:
In Netherlands, there is no mandatory addition of folic acid to foods.
Read more about folic acid folic acid in the presentation.