Het eten van veel peulvruchten verlaagt colorectale adenoom

Research Question:
The anticancer effects of legumes are extensively studied, but evidence from epidemiological studies on colorectal adenoma (precursor to colon cancer) is contradictory. It was therefore carried out this review article.

Eating legumes lowers the chances of getting colorectal adenoma?

Study Design:
This overview article contained 3 cohort and case-control studies with 11 participants, of which together 101856 8380 participants with colorectal adenoma.

There was no question of publication bias.

Results and conclusions:
The researchers found that eating a lot of legumes compared to little, the chance of getting colorectal adenoma significantly with 17% [RR = 0.83, 95% CI = 0.75-0.93, I2 = 25.9%, p = 0.146] reduced.
The reduced risk was also found in most sub-groups analyses.

The researchers concluded that eating a lot of legumes reduced the chance of getting colorectal adenoma.

Original title:
Legume Consumption and Colorectal Adenoma Risk: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies by Wang Y, Wang Z, [...], Fang J.


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