Linolzuur via voeding verlaagt coronaire hartziekten

Research Question:
Eating linoleic acid lowers the chances of getting coronary heart disease?

Study Design:
This overview article contained 2 nested case-control studies and cohort studies 2. The average age ranged between 50 and 60 years and the average follow-up duration was 5-34 years.

Results and conclusions:
The researchers found that every increase of the linoleic acid content with 5% the chances of getting coronary heart disease significantly with 9% [RR = 0.91, 95% CI = 0.84-0.98] reduced.

The researchers found no significant association between cholesterylestergehaltes of the plasma n-3 PUFA and the risk of getting coronary heart disease. Non-significant is, there is no link to a 95% reliability.

The researchers concluded that eating linoleic acid the chances of getting coronary heart disease reduced.

Original title:
N-6 and N-3 Fatty Acid Cholesteryl Esters in Relation to Fatal CHD in a Dutch Adult Population: A Nested Case-Control Study and Meta-Analysis by the Good J, Verschuren WMM, [...], Geleijnse JM.


Additional information about El Mondo:
EFSA considers that 10 grams of linoleic acid per day needed to not increase cholesterol levels. High cholesterol increases the chance of getting heart disease. However, we get through the daily diet more linoleic acid (> 10 grams per day) within than the body needs. That's because it's cheaper to linoleic acid to add to foods than alpha-linolenic acid. So a linoleic acid deficiency does not occur.
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