Leverpatiënten moeten geen antioxidanten-supplementen slikken!

Research Question:
Different liver diseases are associated with oxidative stress. That is why antioxidants suggested as potential therapeutic agents in various liver diseases. However, the evidence to support this suggestion is ambiguous. It was therefore carried out this review article.

Have liver patients benefit from swallowing antioxidants?

Study Design:
A meta-analysis of 20 randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind human studies (Rcts) with 1225 subjects. Of these 20 studies there are 3 studies on beta carotene supplements, 2 about vitamin A supplements, 9 on vitamin C supplements, 15 about vitamin E supplements and 8 about selenium supplements.  

Most studies had showed a high risk of bias and heterogeneity.

Results and conclusions:
The researchers found that swallowing antioxidants the risk dying to a liver disease non-significant reduced by 11%. The relative risk (RR) was 0.89 [95% CI = 0.39-2.05]. Non-significant is, there is no link to a 95% reliability.

The researchers found that antioxidants supplements the activity of the liver enzyme gamma glutamyl transpeptidase significantly increased [MD 29.39 IU/L, 95% CI = 6.67-41.75].

The researchers concluded that it was not scientifically proven, that liver patients helped in swallowing of antioxidants but that swallowing antioxidants supplements the production of liver enzymes increased.

Original title:
Meta-analysis: antioxidant supplements for liver diseases – the Cochrane Hepato-Biliary Group by Bjelakovic G, Gluud Ll, [...], Gluud c.


Additional information about El Mondo:
There are more and more scientific evidence that taking antioxidants no benefits to the body, in many cases, the even disadvantages for the body. That is why nutritionists to antioxidants not from food supplements but to get from food.

Swallow only nutritional supplements when the claim has been approved by EFSA or when a positive effect is found in an overview article of Rcts.