Studies 2015

Below you will find scientific investigations into the relationship between diet and cancer.

The review articles (meta-analyses) of randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind human studies (Rcts) answer the following question:
"Is swallowing food supplements make sense?". Yes at a positive conclusion and no in the case of a negative conclusion.

The review articles (meta-analyses) of cohort studies or case-control studies answer the following question:
"Should I change my diet?".

  1. 100 mg cholesterol per day increases pancreatic cancer
  2. Carotenoids reduce possible through feeding head and neck cancer
  3. Fried products may increase prostate cancer
  4. Vitamin E through feeding lowers lung cancer
  5. 150 mg vitamin C daily through feeding lowers prostate cancer
  6. 200 grams of vegetables per day reduces bladder cancer
  7. 100 grams of fish per week reduces liver cancer
  8. A lot of folic acid, vitamin D, B6 and B2 through feeding lowers colon cancer